for Your foot care
Our formula  of copper's flakes and natural lacker 
balance energy circulation  thanks to the copper's action that  through it's huge reflective surface , gives You warm feet, release  stress and the static charges You keep from PC, TV ect...

€ 12,00 per pair
lines for the cut - free size: 35-46 
  Copper's insoles directions :  
  • The best to release strains due to static charges caused  by rubber shoes sole
  • Help to take away pain in the foot
  • Balance energy circulation and gives You comfort against heavy legs and feet.
  • Advised  to people that have to standing up or sitting for long time.
  • to people with not good circulation and therefore have too cold or too warm  feet.
  • balance and control  feet perspiration.
  • take-off smelly feet.  


  • URANIA's copper insoles release strains & stress because copper is a excellent conductor that takes-off static charges ,that one's can keep from many everyday objects : personal computer,coordless  phone  ect... when charges are retained by floors like mouquet, linoleum dangerous for the health or rubber shoes sole.
    URANIA's copper insoles are  ANTI-BACTERIA, because  copper has a positive ion - Copper(II) ion - , that gives a positive electric field  that inhibit  the growth  of bacteria and fungus of the feet, taking-off smelly feet safeguarding  the care of the foot.  URANIA's copper insoles give comfort against heavy legs because balance energy circulation.

  • URANIA’s copper insole has been made according Rudolf Steiner’s directions on the healthy quality of the metals tested in the antroposophical medicine since 1924. The long experience developed and the positive feedbacks obtained just state the validity of this product. URANIA’s copper insole are handmade with a special process, using only vegetable tanned leather and a special emulsion of metal copper flakes in suspension with natural and non-toxic lacker , that increases a lot the irradiating surface of the metal, increasing its efficacy.
On the back side there are lines for the cutt from : 35 to  46 fitting every types of shoes and feet.

The copper side is to wear directly towards the feet, socks do not prevent the action of the copper

The superficial oxidation do not break the copper action.  

Use with Your socks or directly towards the skin feet


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