• If the trees had only one big leaf, their area facing the sun would have a very small size.
    compared to the one they have instead thanks to the numberless small leafs,
    throughly able to multilpy by infinity the leafs surface exposed to the sunlight.

  • On the same way, like this, the metal we work, get crushed in tiny flakes, like many
    small leafs, in order to enlarge to the infinity the reflecting and irradiating metal surface,
    provided to Urania's products, a considerable increase of the effectiveness of our medical support.

  • Moreover the metal flakes get applied in seven layers that are superimposed
    one upon another, increasing of seven time the metal surface that get applied
    to the body organ. The Urania's insole get realized with this process, and so has an irradiating surface of many square meters, with more rooms than if it would made with a metal plate.

  • The same principle and process get applied for the copper clothes for bed, armchair and pillow.
    The metal flakes with natural lacker get applied in seven coating that are superimposed
    one upon another on the both side of a unbleached cloth.
    The medical support make use of leather, latex, and natural lackers, non-toxic and non-allergic.

  • The goal of Urania research is to develop a scientific way for the wellbeing also thanks to the
    therapeutical application of the metals.
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